Atsuyuki Asami


Study Country: China, pre-war Japan

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Ken Miura

Associate Professor

Study Country: Zambia

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Yoshiaki Nakada

Assistant Professor
Study Country: Thailand
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Graduate Students

Ph.D. candidates

Bertha Lillian Mkandawire

JSPS RONPAKU PhD candidate

Joint European Master in comparative local development, University of Trento, Italy

Research theme: Agricultural production, time use, gender, and child health: Evidence from an introduction of easy-to-cook diets for farmers in Malawi

Countries of experience: Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique

Khadija Kaffa

BA in management, Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences, Ibn Zohr University;

MA in financial management, Faculty of Management, International University of Agadir;

Research theme: Contract farming in African Developing countries (Morocco).

MA candidates

Rentaro Shioi

BA in Sustainable Resource Economics, Faculty of Bioresources, Mie University.

Research theme: Agricultural cooperatives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kyuma Miyashita

BA in Economics, Faculty of Economics, The International University of Kagoshima

Research theme: (1) Effectiveness of poverty reduction strategies, (2) Culture and development

Hassan Sulaiman

BA in Agricultural Economics and Extension Technology, Federal University of Technology Minna. Nigeria.

Research theme: Gender Studies, Climate Change and Agriculture, Sustainable Rural Development, Conservation Farming, and Rural Household Livelihood Security.

Meishi Koh

BA: Department of Biological Production, The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Research theme: Internal Migration, Experimental Economics

Kenji Nogaku

BA: Department of Food and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Research theme: Poverty problems around education, labor, and migration in developing countries (Asia and Africa) and their policy evaluations

Ren Fukuda

BA: Department of Food and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Research theme: Redistributive Pressure and Credit Access in sub-Saharan Africa, Poverty eradication effects of formal credit services in Africa

Rai Raditya

BA: Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Padjadjaran

Research interest: Rural Development, Agricultural Development and Agricultural Mechanization

Shane Yogabo

BA: Business (Accounting Major), Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea

Research interest: Culture, Agriculture, Economics. Rural development with a focus on South East Asia and the Pacific.

Farouk Uthman

BA: Agricultural Administration, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Research interest: Food Security, Household Livelihood Improvement and Sustainable Agriculture



2023: 5 Seniors, X Juniors, and 1 Research Student

2022: 6 Seniors and 5 Juniors

2021: 5 Seniors and 5 Juniors

2020: 2 Seniors and 5 Juniors


  • Liangchen Zhang, 2022 (MA)

  • Pradnya Paramarini, 2022 (Double degree MA with the Bandung Institute of Technology)

  • Seiichi Hasegawa, 2021 (MA)

  • Daisuke Yamazoe, 2021 (MA)